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Volumetric Cement Expansion Device

Volumetric Cement Expansion Device
Volumetric Cement Expansion Device

The OFITE Volumetric Cement Expansion Device (VCED) is an accessory component to the Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer (UCA). It can be purchased with a new UCA or as an add-on component for existing units. This system continuously measures the expansion or contraction of a cement sample while simultaneously running a standard UCA test to measure compressive strength.


  • Continuous measurement under high-temperature, high-pressure conditions
  • Programmable temperature control
  • Data Acquisition System displays test data on-screen in real time
  • Sold separately or with a new UCA unit


  • Maximum Pressure: 15,000 PSI (103.4 MPa)
  • Maximum Measurement: ±15%
  • Measurement Range: ±30 mL
  • Pressure control: ±25 PSI
  • Size: VCED: 30” × 18” × 43” (76 × 46 × 109 cm)
  • Weight: VCED: 95 lbs (43 kg)


  • Air Supply - 100 PSI (690 kPa) Recommended; 150 PSI (1,035 kPa)
  • Maximum; ¼” NPT Connector (For standard UCA tests only)
  • Water Supply - Tap water; ¼” NPT Connector. Both the UCA and VCED units will require a water supply.
  • 120V/220 V, 50/60 Hz Power
  • Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer (one of the following):
    -120-50 - Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer, Single Cell, 20 KSI
    -120-51 - Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer, Twin Cell, 5 KSI
    -120-52 - Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer, Dual Cell, 20 KSI

Software Features

  • Reports real-time data that can be exported to an Excel, Word, or similar file
  • Operates multiple units with one computer

Part Number

  • #120-54

Contact us for Price: sales@ofite.com

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Lead Time: 60 Days

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Brand: OFI Testing Equipment, Inc.
Product Code: 120-54

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