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  • The Cost Savings of Automation

    Drilling fluids are critical to maintaining well safety and quality during construction and completion. That makes drilling fluid properties key control parameters of the drilling and completion process. Moreover, increased efficiency of new drilling technology, and demand for data driven by digital advances in remote monitoring and analytics require frequent and reliable measurement of the physical and chemical properties of drilling fluids. Typically, these properties have been measured by manual field sampling and testing. But manual testing lags advances in drilling efficiency, causes delays, and is susceptible to bias, inconsistencies, and inadvertent human errors. Mud properties must be monitored and adapted as drilling progresses to total depth. These properties are not only critical to the safety and efficiency of the operation, they also provide valuable information throughout ...

  • Four Unit HTHP Filter Press

    We know that space in your lab is valuable. You don’t need bulky equipment taking up more space than necessary. But you also want quality instruments and lots of features. That’s why we developed the Four Unit HTHP Filter Press. This instrument combines four (4) 175 mL HTHP Filter Presses into a single unit. Each cell has a separate electronic temperature controller and two separate pressure regulators (one for top pressure and one for back pressure). This allows each cell to be heated and pressurized independently. Not only does the Four Unit HTHP Filter Press save space in your lab, it also saves resources. It has a single pressure inlet and two electrical inlets. One Nitrogen tank and two electrical outlets and run up to four Filter Presses completely independent of each other. And the unit comes with all the accessories (graduated cylinder, filter paper, etc.) necessary to run four ...

  • Electronic Temperature Control

    Do you have equipment in your lab that heats fluid? Do you ever wish you had more precise control of the temperature of those fluids? We thought so. That’s why we developed an all-purpose electronic temperature control unit. The Temperature Control Unit is a convenient tool for precisely controlling the temperature of an electrical heating device. Simply plug the heating device into the Temperature Control Unit and the built-in electronic controller will regulate the power output to the heater. The controller can be set with either a simple temperature setpoint or an advanced timer. This unit is commonly used on Filter Presses and Thermocups for Viscometers. But it can also be used for hot plates and small water baths. We even have a four-unit version for labs with multiple heating instruments. To learn more, visit the product page. ...

  • Circular Cement Expansion Mold

    In a typical well cementing operation, a cement slurry is pumped into the annulus between the well casing and the bore hole. As the cement slurry hydrates, it undergoes a volume change which translates into bulk expansion or shrinkage. Knowing the amount of expansion or shrinkage allows users to design cement systems which can achieve optimal bonding with the borehole and well casing without sacrificing the integrity of the cement matrix. The Circular Cement Expansion Mold is designed to measure the expansion or shrinkage of well cement slurries according to the guidelines in API Recommended Practice 10B-5. The Circular Cement Expansion Mold has an external ring with a vertical slit on one side to allow it to expand. Before testing begins, the width of the gap is measured with the included micrometer. The expansion mold is filled with a cement slurry and cured in a water bath or curing ...

  • Introducing the Mud Aid™

    OFITE is excited to introduce a new product to our catalog. The all-new Mud Aid™ represents another step in the path to drilling automation. Packaged in a rugged, durable carrying case, the Mud Aid™ periodically samples drilling fluid from the flow path and automatically tests the ion content and viscosity. The data is then reported to rig personnel in real time, allowing the mud engineer to make the necessary adjustments to the fluid system. The Mud Aid™ can be configured with up to six (6) ion selective electrodes. This gives it the ability to test pH, Chlorides, Potassium, Calcium, and other ions. The fluid flows through a specially-designed manifold, past the electrodes, and back out. Arguably the most vital component of the Mud Aid™ is the viscometer. The Mud Aid™ provides standard oilfield rheology readings from a true couette viscometer, including plastic viscosity, yield point, ...

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Your Complete Oilfield Testing Equipment Solution

For over 30 years OFI Testing Equipment (OFITE) has provided instruments and reagents for testing drilling fluids, well cements, completion fluids, and wastewater. In addition to these product lines we also offer a range of instruments for core analysis. From our manufacturing facility in Houston, TX we provide customers all over the world with quality products and exceptional service.

Our drilling fluids testing equipment product line includes innovative designs such as the Model 900 Viscometer, which showcases our ability to develop new technology to meet customer and industry demands. We also offer Retorts, Aging Cells, Roller Ovens, Mud Balances, Filter Presses, and all other instruments required to evaluate drilling fluid properties according to API Recommended Practice 13B-1 and 13B-2.

Our cement testing equipment product line includes innovative designs such as the Static Gel Strength Measurement Device (SGSM), a true OFITE innovation. We also offer Ultrasonic Cement Analyzers (UCA), Constant Speed Blenders, Automated HTHP Consistometers, and all other instruments required to evaluate cement properties according to API Specification 10.

Our extensive line of core analysis equipment includes equipment for preparing core samples, routine testing, and advanced analysis.