Quality / Environmental Policy

Quality / Environmental Policy

OFI Testing Equipment, Inc. (OFITE) is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and servicing innovative and dependable laboratory equipment and reagents. We prioritize unparalleled customer service within our industry.

As a result, our company has created a complex supply chain, manufacturing process, and waste stream. We acknowledge that our environmental impact extends beyond our facility.

OFITE, a global supplier, strives to minimize our environmental impact across borders. We do this by meeting or surpassing regulatory standards and continuously improving our products, work processes, and the effectiveness of our management systems. This allows us to minimize adverse effects on the environment and satisfy stakeholders.

To live by our policy, OFITE is committed to meeting the following objectives:

  • Recognize that our customers are the driving force of our organization and work to continuously improve customer satisfaction.
  • Use customer and employee input as the primary element for our instrument designs and improvements, while minimizing environmental impact through our products’ life cycles.
  • Recruit qualified employees and continuously improve employee skills through training.
  • Select only quality-oriented and environmentally responsible suppliers who can meet or exceed our requirements and develop mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Outsource processes that cannot be environmentally fulfilled at our own facility.
  • Minimize resource and material consumption, responsibly recycling, or disposing of all waste materials.
  • Maintain a clean and attractive facility to be a responsible member of our community and minimize stormwater pollution.

OFI Testing Equipment, Inc. includes all activities in the scope of this policy. We are committed to monitoring and continuously improving our quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

This policy shall be proudly communicated and shared with all interested parties. Top management shall make the necessary resources available to sustain this policy. All employees shall be empowered as active participants in this policy.

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