The Retort provides a method for measuring the percentage (%) of oil, water, and solids (suspended and dissolved) in a sample of water-based or oil-based drilling fluids and cuttings. Knowledge of oil, water, and solid content is fundamental to proper control of mud properties when considering oil/water ratios, rheology, density, filtration, and salinity. Knowledge of solids in drilling fluids is essential to evaluation of viscosity control and solids control equipment.

In a typical test, a known volume of fluid is heated in a retort chamber to vaporize the liquid components. These vapors are then condensed and collected in a graduated receiver and noted by percent volume. The volume of percent solids, both suspended and dissolved, are calculated by subtracting the total final liquid volume from the initial total liquid volume.

OFITE Retorts are available with 50 mL, 20 mL, or 10 mL removable chambers. For increased accuracy, and for better comparisons between locations, OFITE provides the 50 and 20 mL retorts with digital temperature controllers so that test temperatures may be accurately set by the operator and to minimize the danger of overheating. An indicator lamp lights when the test begins and shuts off when completed. The chamber, heater, adapter cord, glassware, and accessories are included in a stainless steel carrying case.

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