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Destructive Compressive Strength Testing

Oil well cement must be strong enough to support the casing and to provide adequate zonal isolation. Before using a cement system in a well, developers must verify its compressive strength through direct measurement.

The OFITE CLF-40 Automated Compressive Load Frame performs destructed compressive strength testing on cement samples. It accepts either 2” cubes (cured in an HTHP Curing Chamber) or cylindrical samples (cured in an Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer). The sample is held between two platens while the instrument steadily increases the pressure. When the sample fails, the software automatically calculates the maximum pressure before failure.

The CLF-40 has a maximum press capacity of 40,000 lbf (10,000 psi on a 2” cube). Loading rates can be varied from 250 to 40,000 lbf/min (in increments of 250). And the fully-programmable software makes operation simple and easy.

To learn more about the CLF-40, visit the product page. And don’t forget to look at the Curing Chamber for making sample cubes.

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