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New Model 4020-SG Automated UCA/SGSM

Model 4020-SG Automated UCA/SGSM

The all new Model 4020-SG Automated UCA/SGSM is a revolutionary instrument that combines two powerful cement measurement methods into a single, easy-to-use device. First, the UCA provides a non-destructive method of testing the compressive strength of a well cement. Second, the SGSM directly measures the static gel strength of the slurry. And both are combined to create the only self-contained Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer / Static Gel Strength Measurement (UCA/SGSM) device on the market.

The Model 4020-SG eliminates the need for expensive, high-maintenance regulators by introducing automatic pressure control. Pressure is now set in the software. When the test starts, the software will increase pressure and maintain the setpoint throughout the test. There is no need to manually adjust the regulator to compensate for cement hydration or thermal expansion.

Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer technology has been available for years. Now we have upgraded it by adding automated temperature and pressure control. You can now program custom temperature and pressure ramps into the software and let the computer do the rest. You no longer have to manually adjust the regulator and back pressure regulator to reach the target pressure. And instead of manually programming a complicated temperature controller, the software makes it quick and easy.

The Static Gel Strength Measurement (SGSM) device provides unmatched ability to run mechanical gel strength tests while simulating actual well conditions. A vaned bob conditions the slurry inside the cell and intermittently measures static gel strength while ramping and maintaining both temperature and pressure. By directly measuring the forces required to initiate movement in the sample, the SGSM provides an accurate way of determining the static gel strength.

These two features (UCA and SGSM) are both combined into a single, self-contained instrument. The integrated pump requires only an air supply (100 - 150 PSI) and water source (40 - 100 PSI) to pressurize the sample up to 20,000 PSI. No external pump or pressure source is needed. And the heating jacket includes a cooling system that can quickly bring the cell down to a safe temperature after the test. The 4020-SG can even be used with an appropriate chiller to test the any cement sample at sub-ambient temperatures.

The Model 4020-SG is a revolutionary design. It combines two powerful cement measurements into a single, easy-to-use device.

Learn more about the Model 4020-SG Automated UCA/SGSM on the product page.

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