New Partnership with Vision Analytical


OFITE is excited to announce a new partnership with Vision Analytical to sell their Particle Insight Raptor portable particle size and shape analyzer. Vision Analytical has been working in the particle analysis industry for over 18 years, exclusively focused on dynamic image analysis.

The Pi Raptor is a full-featured particle size and shape analyzer that uses dynamic image analysis technology. Housed in a ruggedized case with battery, the Pi Raptor is suitable for both laboratory and remote field use.

The Pi Raptor is ideal for applications where particle shape, not just the particle size, is critical. Particle morphology provides essential information that can affect flowability, dispersion, packing density, and sample segregation. It can also identify aggregate formation. The fully automated system is a well-suited research-grade instrument for use in an environment where speed, accuracy, and ease of use are essential.

This instrument operates using a touch-screen Microsoft Surface Pro computer and has an internal battery for up to 5 hours of continuous use. The flexible sampling system allows for online use, off-line use with an internal recirculating pump, or manually for small volumes using sterile syringes. All fluid connections use standard Luer fittings.

To learn more about the Pi Raptor, contact your OFITE sales representative today.

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