Using Syringe Pumps for PPT Tests


The Permeability Plugging Tester (PPT) is essential equipment in drilling fluids testing. It provides invaluable information for the mud engineer for designing drilling mud programs. However, it is a very time-intensive test.

The traditional setup for the PPT uses a handpump to apply pressure to the cell. As the fluid flows through the filter medium and filtrate is collected, the pressure in the cell drops. The operator then must work the handpump to add additional pressure and maintain the appropriate differential. This process requires the user to be engaged with the equipment throughout the entire test.

One way to address this problem is to use an automated pump to pressurize the cell. The SyriXus line of syringe pumps from Teledyne ISCO can provide constant pressure to a PPT cell throughout the test. Once the user programs the pressure into the controller, the pump automatically maintains the pressure setpoint, even after filtrate collection. This produces more repeatable results and leaves the user free to do other work in the lab.

OFITE is an official distributor for Teledyne ISCO for the energy industry in North America and Latin America.

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