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Bring Flow-Back Testing to the Rig

Production Screen TesterThe flow-back characteristics of drill-in fluids are critical to the productivity of a well. If the fluid plugs the production screen, it will not only slow down production, but it could also lead to screen erosion and costly remediation. But test flow-back has always been slow and expensive, often delaying rig operations for days or weeks while samples are shipped back to the lab.

With the Production Screen Tester (PST), you can now run flow-back tests right at the rig site with samples of the actual production screen being used down hole. The test is similar to the standard API filter press. You assemble the test cell with the screen sample at the bottom. After filling the cell with fluid, apply pressure to the top and open the valve at the bottom. The test will quickly show whether the screen and fluid are compatible.

An optional advanced screen holder is available for testing screens of varying thickness.

Visit the product page for more information.

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