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Dynamic Filtration Testing

Filtration testing is critical to understanding the effectiveness of a drilling mud system. Excess fluid loss can cause costly damage and drilling delays. Yet most filtration tests do not provide a complete picture of what it happening downhole. Static filtration represents only a part of drilling activity.

For most of a drilling operation, drilling fluid is circulating inside the wellbore. To understand how the movement of the fluid through the annulus affects filtration, you need a dynamic filter press.

The OFITE Dynamic HTHP Filter Press tests the filtration characteristics of drilling fluids under dynamic conditions. A shaft and paddle are extended down into the fluid and driven by a magnetic motor. The motor speed is variable and can be controlled by the operator during a test to simulate real-world drilling conditions. Lower speeds impart laminar flow, while higher speeds create turbulent flow. Motor speed is displayed on a digital indicator.

The instrument features an integrated cooling system. After the test, water can be circulated around the cell to safely and quickly cool to a safe temperature inside the heating jacket. Once the cell is cool, you can safely release the pressure and remove the cell without risking injury or damage.

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