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Four Unit HTHP Filter Press

We know that space in your lab is valuable. You don’t need bulky equipment taking up more space than necessary. But you also want quality instruments and lots of features. That’s why we developed the Four Unit HTHP Filter Press.

This instrument combines four (4) 175 mL HTHP Filter Presses into a single unit. Each cell has a separate electronic temperature controller and two separate pressure regulators (one for top pressure and one for back pressure). This allows each cell to be heated and pressurized independently.

Not only does the Four Unit HTHP Filter Press save space in your lab, it also saves resources. It has a single pressure inlet and two electrical inlets. One Nitrogen tank and two electrical outlets and run up to four Filter Presses completely independent of each other. And the unit comes with all the accessories (graduated cylinder, filter paper, etc.) necessary to run four simultaneous tests.

To learn more about the Four Unit HTHP Filter Press, visit the product page or contact your sales rep for a quote.

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