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Preparing Cement with a Constant Speed Mixer

Cement slurries used in the oil field are dynamic fluids with complex chemistries. Laboratories tasked with the development of slurries used for cement pumping operations strive to prepare these mixtures under conditions that reflect those found out in the field. With the replication of conditions that are as close as possible to those found out at the wellsite, technicians are able to make accurate predictions the behavior of cement slurries under those same conditions.

The most basic way to ensure that lab-prepared slurries match the performance of field-prepared counterparts begins with a properly mixed slurry. Cement laboratories use a constant speed mixer to ensure that mixed cement slurries are a homogeneous blend. The proper amount of mixing energy ensures that individual cement grains are completely surrounded by water which kicks off the cement hydration process. Laboratory technicians are then able to perform the remainder of their evaluation tests confident with the knowledge that any results produced properly predict the performance of the cement slurry under field conditions.

Constant speed blenders maintain mixing speeds at high accuracy for exact lengths of time to ensure that slurries are mixed in the exact way every time. Consistency for the mixing process increases the chances of the performance repeatability from blend to blend. To deal with the high workload required by the preparation of multiple slurries, constant speed mixers are rugged pieces of laboratory equipment that are built to withstand heavy use while still delivering consistent results.

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