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pdf 100-00 Popular

Mud Balance, Plastic

pdf 100-70 Popular

Pressurized Fluid Density Scale

pdf 110-00 Popular

Mud Dearator

pdf 110-10 Popular

Marsh Funnel Viscometer

pdf 112-00, 112-00-1 Popular

EP/Lubricity Tester

pdf 112-00-C, 112-00-1-C Popular

EP/Lubricity Tester, Complete with Heat Cup, Ultrasonic Cleaner, and Carrying Case

pdf 112-50 Popular

Cup Heater for Lubricity Tester

pdf 113-00 Popular

Lubricity Evaluation Monitor (LEM)

pdf 115-00 Popular

Mud Balance, Metal

pdf 120-00 Popular

Consistometer, HTHP

pdf 120-00-DAS Popular

Consistometer, HTHP, With Data Acquisition System

pdf 120-05 Popular

Dual Cell HTHP Consistometer

pdf 120-20, 120-25, 120-30 Popular

HTHP Curing Chamber

pdf 120-285, 120-285-230 Popular

CLF-40 Compressive Load Frame

pdf 120-35, 120-40 Popular

Automated HTHP Consistometer

pdf 120-50 Popular

Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer, 20000 PSI

pdf 120-51 Popular

Twin Cell Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer, 5000 PSI

pdf 120-53, 120-58 Popular

Static Gel Strength Measurement Device

pdf 120-54 Popular

Volumetric Cement Expansion Device

pdf 120-55 Popular

Benchtop Curing Chamber

pdf 120-57, 120-57-1 Popular

Laboratory Gas Flow Model

pdf 120-59 Popular

Model 4020-SG Automated UCA/SGSM

pdf 120-60, 120-60-1 Popular

Constant Speed Blender, 1 Liter

pdf 120-60-50 Popular

Torque Measuring Unit

pdf 120-60-F, 120-60-1-F Popular

Constant Speed Blender for Fracturing Fluids, 1 Liter

pdf 120-65, 120-65-1 Popular

Constant Speed Blender, 4 Liter

pdf 120-70, 120-70-1 Popular

Stirred Fluid Loss Tester

pdf 120-700 Popular

HTHP Corrosion Tester

pdf 120-75, 120-75-1 Popular

Atmospheric Consistometer

pdf 120-80, 120-80-1 Popular

Recording Atmospheric Consistometer

pdf 120-85, 120-87 Popular

Air/Cement Permeameter

pdf 120-90, 120-90-DAS Popular

Benchtop Consistometer

pdf 122-186-101 Popular

Foam Cement Stability Tube

pdf 122-90 Popular

Circular Cement Expansion Mold

pdf 127-00 Popular

Reservoir Permeability Tester

pdf 127-20 Popular

Core Porosimeter

pdf 127-40 Popular

Core Drill

pdf 127-40-006 Popular

Extended Core Tray for Core Drill

pdf 127-70, 127-70-1 Popular

PCS 340  Core Saturator

pdf 127-80 Popular

Automated Permeameter

pdf 127-87, 120-87-DAS Popular

Permeameter with Data Acquisition System

pdf 130-10-C, 130-10-L Popular

Model 800 Viscometer

pdf 130-20, 130-30 Popular

Cup Heater with Removable Stainless Steel Cup

pdf 130-22 Popular

Sag Shoe Assembly

pdf 130-38-20, 130-38-25, 130-38-30, 130-38-35 Popular


pdf 130-45 Popular

Calibrating Kit for 6-Speed Viscometer

pdf 130-45-1 Popular

Calibrating Kit for 8-Speed Viscometers

pdf 130-76-10, 130-76-10-1 Popular

Universal Heat Cup

pdf 130-76-C, 130-76-1-C Popular

Model 900 Viscometer

pdf 130-77, 130-77-230 Popular

HTHP Viscometer

pdf 130-81-C, 130-81-1-C Popular

Instruction manual for the Model 1100 Viscometer

pdf 130-85 Popular

Resistivity Meter, Analog

pdf 130-87 Popular

Resistivity Meter, Digital

pdf 131-50 Popular

Electrical Stability Meter

pdf 132-00 Popular

Hand Crank Rheometer

pdf 140-20 Popular

Filter Press, Bench-Mount

pdf 140-30, 140-00, 140-10 Popular

Filter Press with CO2 Pressure Assembly

pdf 140-31 Popular

Filter Press, Bench Mount, with Hose and Regulator

pdf 140-35, 140-36 Popular

Filter Press, Bench Mount, with Nitrogen Regulator

pdf 140-40, 140-50 Popular

Filter Press, Multi Unit

pdf 140-41, 140-42, 140-43 Popular

Model 12BL Filter Press, Multi Unit

pdf 140-60 Popular

Half Area Filter Press

pdf 140-75 Popular

Dead-Weight Hydraulic Filter Press

pdf 142-53 Popular

Filter Press, Wall Mount, Model MB, with CO2 Pressuring Assembly

pdf 143-06 Popular

Safety Bleeder Valve

pdf 144-20 Popular

Rig Laboratory

pdf 144-40 Popular

Chloride Ion Content Test Kit

pdf 144-82 Popular

Underbalanced Drilling Test Kit

pdf 144-94 Popular

Thiocyanate (SCN-) Ion Test Kit

pdf 144-95 Popular

Water Analysis Kit

pdf 145-00-10 Popular

Millipore Filter Tester

pdf 145-60 Popular

Hydrogen Sulfide Detection Kit - Instruction Manual

pdf 145-65 Popular

Zinc Carbonate (ZnCO3) Test Kit

pdf 145-66 Popular

Zinc (Zn) in Brines Determination Kit

pdf 145-70 Popular

Sulfite (SO3) Test Kit

pdf 145-80, 145-80-1 Popular

Aniline Point Determination Kit

pdf 145-95, 145-96 Popular

Field Determination for ULTRAHIB and ULTRAHIB NS

pdf 146-20, 146-20-230 Popular

Brine Crystallization Test Kit

pdf 147-90 Popular

Potassium Ion Test Kit

pdf 150-50 Popular

Differential Sticking Tester

pdf 150-80, 150-80-1 Popular

Dynamic Linear Swellmeter with Compactor

pdf 150-87 Popular

Bulk Hardness Tester

pdf 151-00 Popular

Garrett Gas Train

pdf 152-18 Popular

Laboratory Mixer

pdf 152-95 Popular


pdf 152-97, 152-97-C Popular

Recording Calcimeter with Data Acquisition System

pdf 161-70 Popular

Iron Count Test Kit

pdf 165-00, 165-10 Popular

Retort, Removable, 10 mL

pdf 165-00-1, 165-10-1 Popular

Retort Kit, 10 mL

pdf 165-14, 165-14-1, 165-14-2, 165-14-3 Popular

Retort Kit, 50 mL

pdf 165-14-5S Popular

Multi-Unit Retort, 50 mL

pdf 165-65 Popular

Reverse Phase Extraction Test Kit

pdf 165-80, 165-80-1, 165-80-2, 165-80-3 Popular

Retort Kit, 20 mL

pdf 165-80-00, 165-80-01 Popular

Retort, Removable, 20 mL

pdf 166-08 Popular

Shearometer Kit

pdf 166-10 Popular

Shearometer Tube with Weight Support, 20 g

pdf 167-00-C Popular

Sand Content Kit

pdf 168-00, 168-00-1 Popular

Methylene Blue Test Kit

pdf 169-00 Popular

Particle Size by Wet Sieve Analysis

pdf 170-00, 170-01 Popular

Filter Press, HTHP, 175 mL, Single Capped Cell, For Drilling Fluids Testing, CO2 Pressure