Introducing the Mud Aid™

Introducing the Mud Aid™

OFITE is excited to introduce a new product to our catalog. The all-new Mud Aid™ represents another step in the path to drilling automation. Packaged in a rugged, durable carrying case, the Mud Aid™ periodically samples drilling fluid from the flow path and automatically tests the ion content and viscosity. The data is then reported to rig personnel in real time, allowing the mud engineer to make the necessary adjustments to the fluid system.

The Mud Aid™ can be configured with up to six (6) ion selective electrodes. This gives it the ability to test pH, Chlorides, Potassium, Calcium, and other ions. The fluid flows through a specially-designed manifold, past the electrodes, and back out.

Arguably the most vital component of the Mud Aid™ is the viscometer. The Mud Aid™ provides standard oilfield rheology readings from a true couette viscometer, including plastic viscosity, yield point, and 10 minute and 10 second gel strengths. This is the same data mud engineers are familiar with and have been using for years.

To learn more about how the Mud Aid™ can help improve the efficiency of your operation, visit the product page or contact your sales rep.

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