OFI Testing Equipment, Inc. Awarded Patent for Model 900 Viscometer

HOUSTON, Texas — September 27, 2004 — The United States Patents and Trademark Office recently granted Patent No. 6,776,028 to OFI Testing Equipment, Inc. (OFITE) for the invention "Induction Sensor Viscometer."

The inventor, Rick Lukay of OFITE, describes the invention as a rotational viscometer, which employs an electrical field sensor to measure the induced angle of rotation of a bob by a sample substance. A processor calculates the angle of displacement of the bob and transmits readable output of a sample characteristic in accordance with determined calculations based on, among other things, the sleeve rotation velocity and the bob displacement.

The value of the patent rests in the ability of the viscometer to provide a high degree of accuracy over the operational range, while its simple mechanical and electrical configuration makes it easier to maintain. In addition, the viscometer meets American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications.

Marketed as the "Model 900 Automated Viscometer," this new design also offers such features as:

  • Fully Automated
  • Standalone or Computer Controlled
  • Push Button Calibration
  • One Button Sweeps for API Mud or Cement Rheologies
  • Low Shear Capabilities
  • Includes Integrated Thermocup and Carrying Case
  • Low Shear Capabilities

OFI Testing Equipment (USA), is a leading manufacturer of testing instruments for the drilling fluids, cementing, and wastewater industries, and is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. In addition to manufacturing testing equipment, OFITE also offers extensive repair services and custom-designed equipment to companies worldwide.

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