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Most benchtop permeability testers are manually operated instruments with lots of valves and switches. The operator has to stand next to the instrument during a test to set pressures and record results.

The Automated Gas Permeameter makes testing the permeability of reservoir core samples simple and easy. It features two auto-switching mass flowmeters for measuring the flowrate of gas through the core. The included software automatically switches between the two flowmeters to suit the needs of the test, providing greater accuracy over the full measurement range.

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Permeability is a measure of the ability of a fluid to flow through a porous media when subjected to a differential pressure and is mathematically equated by Darcy’s law. The permeability of a petroleum reservoir is one of the most influential parameters in determining the production capabilities of a producing formation. Our Reservoir Permeability Tester was developed to evaluate how fluids affect the permeability of a core specimen. In addition, the unit may be used to evaluate acidizing techniques and to develop typical Acid Response Curves (ARCs).

The Reservoir Permeability Tester (part number 127-00) features a Hassler-type core holder that rotates 90° to allow either horizontal or vertical testing. Manual valves enable forward and reverse injection through the core for up to three separate fluids and Nitrogen gas. All wetted components are made of 316 stainless steel, although Hastelloy is available on request. The unit is housed in a two-piece cabinet with storage below and locking swivel castors for mobility. A PC and data acquisition software are included.

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