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OFI Testing Equipment, Inc. will be exhibiting at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference November 13 – 16 at stand 7432 hall 7. Stop by and see our Model 2040 Automated HTHP Consistometer, which tests the thickening time of oilwell cement at up to 40,000 psi and 500°F. We will also be showing our single cell Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer and Static Gel Strength Measurement Device (which measure the compressive strength and gel strength of cement over time).

We will also be discussing our partnership with Salunda Limited to distribute the new MudChecker, a solid state probe that measures the oil, water, and solids content as well as salinity of oil based drilling fluids in just a few minutes. A Salunda representative will be on hand to answer questions and provide hands-on demonstrations. We are excited about the opportunity to bring this new technology to the drilling fluids testing industry.

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For oilfield service companies trying to cement a well, the thickening time of the cement slurry is the critical slurry property to control. A typical cement job requires the slurry to be mixed at the surface and pumped downhole. Cement slurry that sets up too soon leads to a Cement Left In Pipe (CLIP) situation. A CLIP occurs when cement fluids set up inside the steel casing during placement. Costs associated with both the well and nonproductive time is significant. Slurries with extended thickening times lead to costly extended time on station as the drilling rig is required to remain on station in order to provide support for the casing. In a worst case scenario, the well is at risk of complete loss of control as the cement is unable to maintain both zonal isolation and well integrity.

Laboratories need the capacity to gauge the performance of the cement slurry in order to accurately predict how that slurry will perform under conditions that are found in an oil well. The most fundamental tool to measure the thickening time of a cement slurry is the pressurized consistometer.

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