Real-Time Analysis of Fluids in the Process Pipeline

The OLR utilizes a unique implementation of squeeze flow technology providing a quick and rich measurement of the elastic and flow properties of the fluid. The operator can then make informed process decisions about the quality of the material in the pipe and make appropriate changes.

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Most benchtop permeability testers are manually operated instruments with lots of valves and switches. The operator has to stand next to the instrument during a test to set pressures and record results.The Automated Gas Permeameter makes testing the permeability of reservoir core samples simple and easy....

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OFITE is excited to announce a new partnership with Vision Analytical to sell their Particle Insight Raptor portable particle size and shape analyzer. Vision Analytical has been working in the particle analysis industry for over 18 years, exclusively focused on dynamic image analysis.The is a full-featured...

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We are excited to announce a brand new product, the Advanced Emulsion Stability Meter. The Electrical Stability (ES) of an oil-based drilling fluid is directly related to its emulsion stability and oil wetting ability. Emulsion Stability Meters determine the ES by applying a precision voltage-ramped...

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The is essential equipment in drilling fluids testing. It provides invaluable information for the mud engineer for designing drilling mud programs. However, it is a very time-intensive test.The traditional setup for the PPT uses a handpump to apply pressure to the cell. As the fluid flows through the...

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Although the has been utilized multiple times to measure the rheological properties of drilling fluids, it has yet to be tested with cement slurry. This month, OFITE is set to begin conducting tests on cement slurry in a modified flow loop using the OLR. By employing the squeeze flow technique, the...

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