Real-Time Analysis of Fluids
in the Process Pipeline

The OLR utilizes a unique implementation of squeeze flow technology providing a quick and rich measurement of the elastic and flow properties of the fluid. The operator can then make informed process decisions about the quality of the material in the pipe and make appropriate changes.

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  • OLR Cement Testing

    OFITE has long been an industry leader in drilling fluids rheology. Now we will expand the toolkit for understanding how fluids behave in the well bore. We built a special flow loop, using a Positive Displacement Progressive Cavity Pump, to pump slurries through several measurement devices. One of those devices is the OLR Series 1000 OnLine Rheometer (OLR) which measures storage and loss moduli by imposing a small cyclic deformation on a fluid sample at a variety of frequencies. In general, the OLR uses two plates that come down very close to each other and “squeeze” a fluid between them. One plate oscillates at a predefined range of frequencies and the other plate is connected to a small load cell that measures the force from the oscillating plate. Then the top moves up and allows a new sample to come between the plates. This process is repeated, providing a trend in rheological proper ...

  • Upgraded Atmospheric Consistometer

    The OFITE Model 60 Atmospheric Consistometer has been used in cement labs for years to condition cement slurries prior to further testing. Now, we are pleased to announce a brand new upgrade to this laboratory staple. The all new Atmospheric Consistometer now features a touch screen display to control the motor, heater, cooling, and calibration. The software that runs the Consistometer includes two timers with audible alarms to notify you when your test is complete. The easy-to-use interface is intuitive for new users and make operation of the Consistometer simple and easy. We are excited about this new upgrade and we hope you are too. To learn more, visit the product page or contact your OFITE sales representative. ...

  • New Agreement Between OFITE and Teledyne ISCO

    We are proud to announce an expansion of our partnership with Teledyne ISCO to distribute ISCO pumps to the energy industry in Latin America. This new agreement will enable us to provide Teledyne ISCO’s superior pump technology to an even larger market. Teledyne ISCO manufactures industry-leading syringe and reciprocating pumps for a wide range of applications. These rugged, do-anything pumps solve your toughest fluid delivery problems, from micro-flow to scale-up and pilot plant, pumping corrosive liquids, and safe operation in explosive atmospheres with the HLf Series. Teledyne ISCO Syrixus precision syringe pumps give you flow and pressure control throughout a broad operating range. Syrixus syringe pumps can be metered with great accuracy and do not exhibit pulsation or flow anomalies typically associated with other pump types. The ReaXus reciprocating pump product line provides ma ...

  • Dynamic Filtration Testing

    Traditional filtration testing has always been limited by testing static conditions. Yet most of the time, drilling fluid is circulating through the wellbore. The movement of the fluid can have significant effects on the filter cake that are not measured by static filtration tests. The OFITE Dynamic HTHP Filter Press (#170-95) is designed to correct this oversight. A shaft and paddle extend down into the test cell and circulate the fluid during a test. The speed is adjustable, and the motor can be started and stopped periodically to better simulate drilling conditions. This instrument also includes an integrated cooling system. When the test is complete, water or coolant can be circulated around the cell body, quickly cooling the cell to safe temperatures inside the heating jacket. Once the cell is cool, you can then safely release pressure and remove the cell without risking injury or ...

  • Evaluating Lubricity

    Excessive torque and drag is a common problem in the drill string. It can cause a variety of problems that negatively impact well efficiency. The primary cause of often mechanical friction between the wellbore and tubulars. The solution is usually to add lubricants to the drilling fluid. Prior to choosing any lubricant, it is important to evaluate all available options to see which one lubricates the best and has the best chemical compatibility with the drilling fluid. The most direct test method involves determining the coefficient of friction of the base fluid and comparing it to the coefficient of friction with the lubricant. The Lubricity Evaluation Monitor (LEM) is the most versatile instrument for testing the coefficient of friction of drilling fluids. During a test, a wellbore or casing sample is pressed against a rotating steel bob while immersed in a circulating bath of test f ...

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