A Bigger Retort in a Smaller Package

A Bigger Retort in a Smaller Package

Everyone in the drilling fluids industry is familiar with the oilfield retort. It measures the volume of oil, water, and solids in a sample of drilling mud. They come in three sizes – 10 mL, 20 mL, and 50 mL – and are often included in field portable kits.

Typically, the retorts included in kits are the smallest size, 10 mL. But OFITE has changed that. We have developed a 20 mL retort chamber that fits into the same heating jacket as the 10 mL retort chamber. This gives you a choice of sample volumes in your field kits. And since it fits in the same heating jacket, you can easily switch sizes by changing the chambers and cups.

While the 10 mL has traditionally been the most space-efficient Retort, the 20 mL provides a higher level of measurement precision. That is why many users opt for the larger sizes in the lab, but use the smaller, more portable sizes in the field.

To order a complete Removable Retort (with heating jacket, retort chamber, mud cup, and condenser), use the following part numbers:

  • #165-00: 10 mL, 115 Volt
  • #165-10: 10 mL, 230 Volt
  • #165-80-00: 20 mL, 115 Volt
  • #165-80-01: 20 mL, 230 Volt

To order just the retort chamber with mud cup and lid, use these part numbers:

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