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Improvements to the Salunda MudChecker

The MudChecker, from Salunda Ltd., is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about instruments in the drilling fluids industry. This handheld, solid-state device provides oil, water, total solids, and salinity measurements in a simple, two-step process. It also measures high-gravity and low-gravity solids with no chemicals and no heating elements. The results are accurate, repeatable, electronic, and traceable.

The latest release of the MudChecker, version 1.5, now offers standalone operation. All calculations are now performed on onboard, with no software and no internet connection required. This exciting new feature makes it easier for remote technicians and rig personnel to take measurements in areas where the internet is not accessible.

The MudChecker is currently being used in labs and in the field in parallel with standard API testing while providing high-frequency measurements, resulting in better trending and identification of exceptions and anomalies. The MudChecker greatly benefits drilling fluids measurement with its speed, reliability, consistency, and repeatability. Measurements are consistent with both the retort and fresh mud formulations.

More information about the new MudChecker v1.5 can be found on the product page. And also check out the original MudChecker ES, which measures oil, water, solids, and salinity, but still requires an internet connection. And the original MudChecker KS, which does not measure salinity.

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