Introducing OASys

Introducing OASys

OFITE is excited to launch the OFITE Automated System (OASys). OASys is an innovative solution for the real-time measurement and reporting of drilling fluid properties. All three instruments included in OASys sit on the rig where they can sample the drilling fluid directly. The measurements are then sent to the rig data information system where it is used for simple real time calculations for predicting hole cleaning efficiency and ECD at total depth. This data is then available to be viewed through the rig data information system by the Driller and other personnel at the wellsite as well as remotely via the internet or smart phone apps.

Recent advances in drilling technology have significantly increased the average rate of penetration of a typical well. In the time a sample is drawn, taken to the lab, and measurements reported, the bit may have drilled hundreds of feet from when the sample was drawn. The need for continuous and for frequent measurements is critical.

To learn more about OASys, visit the all-new dedicated site at From there you can learn detailed information about each of the three OASys components:

Model 4005 Automated UCA/SGSM

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