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5 Devices to Make HTHP Filtration Testing Safer

Any lab that runs high-temperature, high-pressure filtration testing has to be concerned with safety. Heated and pressurized test cells, if handled improperly, can injure people and damage equipment. Yet if they are handled properly, they are as safe as any other equipment. That is why OFI Testing Equipment offers several devices specifically designed to help laboratory staff correctly handle HTHP filtration cells.

The first thing you need to safely work with HTHP filter press cells is a suitable stand. Our device (#171-190-028) is designed to hold a cell upright for assembly, disassembly, or cooling. The cup at the top prevents the cell from tipping, and the open space below provides plenty of room for a valve stem. And for extra stability, the entire stand can be attached to a countertop or workbench.

Next is the carrying tool. At the end of your test, the cell will probably be very hot. Our carrying tool (#170-40) provides a safe, easy method of removing the cell from the heating jacket. It attaches to the valve stem with a standard retaining pin. The T-handle makes a convenient handhold for lifting so that the cell can be carried to the stand.

Sometimes the pressure port on cell caps gets clogged. Bits of mud or cement can block the opening, trapping pressure inside. If this happens, do not try to remove the cap. Instead, use the HTHP Pressure Relief Tool* (#170-91) to remove the obstruction. It screws into the cap using the existing valve stem port. Then, using the T-handle, you can drive a pin into the cell to break the clog. The pressure will then vent safely through the vent pipe, away from people and equipment.

After high-temperature testing, cell caps are often difficult to remove due to expansion and o-ring friction. The Cell Cap Removal Tool (#170-33) makes it easy. Simply screw it into the valve stem port, place the pivot against the cell body, and press down on the lever. The cell cap will come straight out of the cell without trouble.

And finally, for extra safety, we offer the Safety Clamp (#170-92). The clamp will hold the cell securely in place and prevent any uncontrolled pressure release. The two plates clamp the cell in place while the locking screws (also known as grub screws) are removed. Pressure can then be released gradually and safely.

To learn more, visit the safety section of our site.

*Patent pending

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