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Atmospheric Consistometer

The Atmospheric Consistometer is one of the staples of the cement lab. Every cement lab needs at least one for a critical step in preparing cement slurry for further testing.

Conditioning a cement slurry in an Atmospheric Consistometer simulates the action of pumping the slurry down the wellbore. The stirring motion and elevated temperature add enough energy to the slurry to appropriately mimic the pumping environment. And, by following the recommended practice published by the American Petroleum Institute (API), the Atmospheric Consistometer helps ensure your tests are consistent and repeatable.

The OFITE Model 60 Atmospheric Consistometer can accommodate two slurry cups simultaneously. The slurry sample can be heated up to 200°F (93°C) and the motors stirs them both at 150 rpm. A digital temperature controller maintains the temperature throughout the test. At the top of each slurry cup sits a potentiometer to show the consistency of the slurry.

For more information about Atmospheric Consistometers, visit the product page.

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