Introducing the Mud Watcher

Introducing the Mud Watcher

We are excited to announce the addition of a new product to our catalog. The Mud Watcher continually monitors and displays the density, viscosity, and temperature of any drilling fluid (mud, brine, completion fluid, etc.) used on a rig. It sends all data directly to the rig data acquisition system, mud logging unit, or dedicated data acquisition system. The Mud Watcher reduces the risk to rig personnel while providing more accurate, reliable information for better decision making.

Since the Mud Watcher can be operated unattended, it is no longer necessary for personnel to enter the shaker shack multiple times a day to take samples. This reduces their exposure to potentially hazardous conditions, such as high temperatures, hydrocarbon gas, or even H2S.

Traditionally, drilling fluid on a rig is collected and tested every 15 to 30 minutes. With so much time between samples, localized property changes or trends can easily be missed until it’s too late. The continuous measurement provided by the Mud Watcher helps identify these changes early and gives drilling fluid engineers an opportunity to take remedial action.

The Mud Watcher is designed to be installed, operated, and maintained by the existing rig crew. No specialized skills are required. It is also safe to use on any part of a drilling rig. All its components conform to Zone 1 and Zone 2 (ATEX) Area requirements with a high minimum Ingress Protection Rating of IP 65+. The Mud Watcher is chemically resistant to all Mud Types (WBM, OBM, and Brine) is certified with CE, IECEx II 2GD cg T4.

The Mud Watcher was originally designed and manufactured by Mud-Automatics of Aberdeen, Scotland, and is covered by UK and European Patents. In 2018, OFI Testing Equipment Inc. (OFITE) acquired the Mud Watcher brand, technology, and all associated intellectual property.

The Mud Watcher has been delivered to drilling companies, oil field services companies, and directly to operators. Over time, the performance has been verified in field operations and confirmed with simultaneous laboratory testing. Both density and viscosity readings were shown to be very stable and correlated directly to manual readings. In many cases, output signals were captured through the Mud Logging Contractor systems, stored and displayed around the rig, and then transmitted ashore for more detailed scrutiny.

To learn more about this exciting new product, visit the product page.

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