Model 900 Viscometer

Model 900 Viscometer

Standard oilfield viscometers (such as the Model 800) show the shear stress of a fluid on a physical dial. This tried-and-true method is simple and reliable, which is why it’s so popular. But it’s not very flexible. Speeds have to be changed manually and readings have to be written down. There’s a lot of labor involved.

The Model 900 Viscometer provides a much more automated and streamlined process. The included ORCADA™ software gives you the power to program complex tests with multiple speeds, temperatures, and measurements. You can program multiple sweeps, gel times, and temperature ramps on the computer and then copy the test to the onboard controller for later use. The viscometer will also calculate the rheology your fluid based on the Power Law and/or Bingham Plastic analysis models. And all the steps of the test are executed automatically, without user intervention. Once you start the test, you can move on to other things while the Model 900 does all the work.

The Model 900 includes an integrated heat cup that gives the software control of the test fluid temperature. It also comes in a rugged, padded carrying case that protects the instrument from the rigors of field transportation.

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