Conditioning Cement in the Laboratory

Conditioning Cement in the Laboratory

To define the physical properties of a cement slurry, laboratory personnel need to run a complete suite of performance tests. To produce consistent test results that inform how the slurry will perform under field conditions, technicians need to treat the slurry in a manner that is similar to those conditions found downhole. Atmospheric Consistometers are the ideal tool that enables technicians to condition the target slurry for further testing.

Atmospheric Consistometers are a fundamental piece of laboratory equipment. Designed to conform to API Spec 10A/10B2 standards, the Consistometers utilize a heated mineral oil bath to maintain the temperature of the slurry within 2°F (1°C) of the set point. The slurry is conditioned at temperature by rotating at 150 rpm for the duration of the conditioning period.

After conditioning in an Atmospheric Consistometer, the slurry is now ready for other testing, including free fluid, rheology, fluid loss, compressive strength, and gel strength tests.

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