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Advanced Corrosion Testing

Corrosion costs the drilling industry billions of dollars every year. Drill pipe, casing, and downhole tools are particularly vulnerable. To measure the corrosive properties of drilling and completion fluids, the industry uses corrosion rings and coupons. These are typically placed in the drill string and exposed to fluids during drilling operations. But sometimes more advanced testing is necessary.

The OFITE HTHP Corrosion Tester is designed to test the corrosive properties of fluids under elevated temperature and pressure in a laboratory setting. It can test four samples at a time at up to 400°F and 5,000 psi. The controlled environment of the lab makes it easier to control variables and get more repeatable results.

The test starts with four corrosion coupons. Each is thoroughly cleaned and weighed and then submerged in a glass jar of corrosive test fluid. The four jars fit into a carousel, which sit in the bottom of a pressure vessel. After adding temperature and pressure, the motor rotates the carousel back and forth, agitating the fluid and the coupons. At the end of the test, the coupons are cleaned and weighed again, and the loss in mass is attributed to corrosion.

For more information about the HTHP Corrosion Tester, click here.

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