Measuring Mechanical Properties Made Easy

Measuring Mechanical Properties Made Easy

Advanced oil well cement testing goes beyond compressive strength. The elastic properties (Young’s Modulus, Poisson’s Ratio, and Tensile Strength) also play a major role in well integrity. But measuring these properties has always been a challenge. The equipment is often large, complex, and expensive. What is the solution?

The OFITE TLF-112 Triaxial Mechanical Properties Testing System is the first instrument specifically designed to physically measure the four major mechanical properties of oil well cement:

  • Compressive Strength (API Specification 10A and Recommended Practice 10B-2)
  • Young’s Modulus
  • Poisson’s Ratio
  • Brazilian Indirect Tensile Strength (ASTM C496/C496M -04) 

tlf 112 cell

The innovative design integrates a 500 kN load frame, 10,000 psi confining pressure system, and 400°F heating system into a single enclosure. The small footprint saves valuable floor space and allows for more simplified operation while testing at downhole conditions.

The TLF-112 has the flexibility to test cube samples up to 2” × 2” and cylindrical samples up to 2” in diameter and 5” in length. A digital servo-controlled load system precisely controls the load on the sample while state-of-the-art sensors measure the mechanical reaction. The powerful software then analyzes the data and reports the results.

The TLF-112 represents the next generation in mechanical properties testing for oil well cement. The compact design, simplified automated operation, and affordability make it the perfect choice for your lab.

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