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The RGP-560 Gas Permeameter is designed to measure the permeability of cement core specimens one inch in diameter and one inch in length. A core specimen is placed into a core sleeve, which is then inserted into the "Modified Hassler" style test cell. Nitrogen at a constant flow rate is forced through the core and the differential pressure across the core is measured. The flowrate is measured with calibrated flowmeters. Viscosity is easily determined by the use of nitrogen property tables. These variables are incorporated into Darcy’s law to calculate sample permeability.


  • "Modified Hassler" cell accommodates cores of 1" length and 1" diameter
  • Instrumentation gauge displays driving pressure
  • All Hassler components are fabricated from 316 Stainless Steel
  • Nitrogen test fluid


  • Compressed Air: 100 PSI (689.5 kPa)
  • Gas Pressure: Standard Air, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, or Oxygen up to 500 PSI (3.5 MPa)
  • Electrical: 115 Volt or 230 Volt 50 or 60 Hz

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