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For 260 mL Aging Cells (#175-60-6)
For 500 mL Aging Cells (#175-60)

Testing highly corrosive fluids at high temperatures and pressures can cause significant, permanent damage to typical stainless steel aging cells. The OFITE Teflon® Liner is designed to prevent corrosive damage while still providing the same results as a standard aging cell.

The Teflon® Liner consists of a chamber for the test fluid and a floating piston that pressurizes the sample fluid when the aging cell is pressurized. Included is a T-screw that attaches to a hole in the piston and facilitates removal. A plug seals the hole in the piston during a test to prevent leakage.

Note: Not for use with the Corrosion Test Cell with Coupon Holder (#175-40).

Included Items

  • #175-60-1 - Liner Body (For 500 mL Cells)
  • #175-60-5 - Liner Body (For 260 mL Cells)
  • #175-60-2-1 - Piston
  • #175-60-3 - Plug
  • #175-60-4 - T-screw
  • #175-62 - O-ring for Plug, Viton®
  • #175-63 - O-ring for Piston, Viton®

Part Numbers

  • #175-60 - Teflon Liner For Aging Cells, 500 mL
  • #175-60-6 - Teflon Liner For Aging Cells, 260 mL