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The Low Pressure Filter Press provides a quick, easy way to evaluate the filtration properties of a drilling fluid. This instrument consists of a pressure cell, frame, pressure source, filter medium, and a graduated cylinder.  It conforms to API specifications, and is suitable for both field and lab use.


  • Stainless steel test cell
  • Pressure medium (water) is readily available
  • Suitable for field and lab use
  • Conforms to API specifications


  • #140-20: Bench Mount Filter Press - Basic
  • #140-55: Filter Paper
  • #140-70: Dead-Weight Hydraulic Pressure Assembly
  • #153-16: Graduated Cylinder


  • #140-75-SP: Spare Parts Kit
  • #141-00-1: Cell Body, Acrylic
  • #155-10: Interval Timer, 30 Minutes

Part Number

  • #140-75