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The OFITE Half Area Filter Press, or Mini-press (140-60), consists of a modified lowpressure regulator with a CO2 bulb pressurizing assembly and a filtration cell body. A rubber diaphragm boot contains the fluid and separates it from the pressurizing gas. This enables the unit to be operated while inverted, which negates the effect of particles settling on the filter medium prior to pressurization. The top edge of the boot acts as a gasket to provide a seal to the filter paper and the end cap.


  • Extremely portable
  • May be operated by filtering upwards, which negate cutting settling on the filter meduim prior to testing
  • Easily obtainable CO2 Bulbs provide pressure
  • Proven design for over 50 years of successful usage
  • Easy to service and obtain replacement parts


  • #140-60-01: O-ring for Bleeder Valve
  • #140-60-03: C-ring for Bleeder Valve
  • #140-60-04: E-ring for Base Cap
  • #140-60-05: Sample Boot
  • #140-60-09: Gasket for Seat Assembly
  • #140-60-10: Friction Washer
  • #143-02-10: CO2 Puncture Head Assembly
  • #143-03: Barrel for CO2 Bulb
  • #153-18: Graduated Cylinder, 10 mL × .1 mL, Glass
  • #170-19: Filter Paper


  • #140-60-SP: Spare Parts Kit
  • #140-84: Stand
  • #143-05: CO2 Bulbs, Box of 10, UN2037
  • #143-19: Repair Kit for Regulator
  • #155-10: Interval Timer, 30 Minutes

Part Number

  • #140-60