Product Code: 170-181-S
Availability: 1

OFITE's all new threaded cap cell design not only allows for testing to be done at higher temperatures and pressures but ensures safety for the operator. In addition, our modular inner cap system allows multiple filter media to be used with one cell. All cells are provided with pressure certification, unique serialization, and material certification which provides true traceability.


  • Safety: Cell cap cannot be removed if pressure is trapped inside the cell
  • Versatility: Interchangeable cell caps enable testing with filter paper, ceramic disks, and cement screens with the same cell body.  Compatible with all existing heating jackets.
  • Pressure: Ability to add a piston allows for testing above 3,000 PSI


  • Maximum Temperature: 500°F (260°C)
  • Maximum Pressure: 5,000 PSI (34.5 MPa)
  • Volume: 175 mL
  • Filter Medium: Filter Paper or Ceramic Disks


  • #120-910-028 O-ring for Rupture Disk
  • #130-81-040 Retaining Ring for Cell Cap Assembly
  • #170-13-3 O-ring for Test Cell, Viton® 75D (For tests up to 400°F)
  • #170-17 O-ring for Valve Stem, Viton® 75D (For tests up to 400°F)
  • #170-180-020-S Cell Body
  • #171-190-023 Locking Ring
  • #171-190-027 Rupture Disk
  • #171-190-029 Wrench for Cell Cap
  • #171-190-030-S Cell Cap, Outlet, Filter Paper
  • #171-190-031-S Cell Cap, Inlet, Mud
  • #171-190-034-S Cell Cap, Outlet, Ceramic Disk
  • #171-190-057 O-ring for Valve Stem, Viton® 90D (For tests above 400°F)
  • #171-190-060 O-ring for Test Cell, Viton® 90D (For tests above 400°F)


  • #171-190-P: Piston Kit

 Part Numbers

  • #170-181-S: 17-4PH Body, 316 Stainless Steel Caps
  • #170-181-H: C-276 Hastelloy Body and Caps