Drilling Fluids

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The OFITE Pilot Test Kit is the ideal supplemental kit to either the Offshore or Airplane Kit. An oil field barrel holds 350 pounds of fresh water and a pilot test "barrel equivalent" contains 350 mL of fluid. Adding one gram of material to a barrel equivalent is the same as adding one pound of material to an oil field barrel. The OFITE Pilot Test Kit enables the operator to quickly mix and test a wide variety of drilling fluids on site. The test kit includes a wallmount filter press, timer, pocket balance, and two-ounce glass bottles for mud additives. The Pilot Test Kit is conveniently packaged in an OFITE stainless steel carrying case.

Size: 16" × 7" × 12.25" (41 × 18 × 31 cm)
Weight: 30 lb (13.6 kg)