Drilling Fluids

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The Particle Insight Raptor Portable system is designed to perform high resolution precision shape measurements of particles from 3µm to 800µm in a portable and benchtop configuration. By using Dynamic Image Analysis and a flexible sampling design users can get a full picture of their raw material particles.

Unique features include:

  • Shape, size, concentration, and thumbnail images of all analyzed particles.
  • Number-based measurement. No minimum concentration limit.
  • Flexible fluid design allows for various sample suspension options including on-line.
  • Disposable / interchangeable flow cells.
  • Correlation Plots to identify and view rare event particles and trends.
  • Sieve Correlation offers data reporting referencing sieve results for easy technology comparison.
  • On-line continuous process monitoring capability.
  • Ruggedized case and battery operated for field or lab use.
  • All raw images saved allows reanalysis of captured data.
  • Full particle count codes compliant to ASTM, ISO, and NAVAIR oil wear particle requirements.
  • Includes embedded Microsoft Surface Pro computer with touch-screen.
  • Overlay data for sample-to-sample or lot-to-lot comparisons.
  • Smart phone App allows remote real-time monitoring.