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Frontier Kit

Frontier Kit

OFITE's new Frontier Kit is a flexible and easy-to-use mud engineer's kit containing a modified Model 800 Viscometer with retractable legs, a Kit-Sized Full Area Filter Press, a Removable Retort, a Sand Content Kit, pH paper, and all reagents, glassware and supplies needed to run alkalinity, chloride, or hardness analysis.

What's Included?

  • Model 800 Viscometer - provides eight precisely regulated speeds for accurate shear rate and gel strength values. Modified with retractable legs, the viscometer fits easily within the case and is completely portable, operating from a 12 Volt battery or standard 115/230 Volt power.
  • Kit-Sized Full Area Filter Press - used for easily measuring filtrate, cake, and conducting chemical analyses.
  • Removable Retort - for measuring the percentage by volume of water, fluids lighter than water, and total solids of a 10 ml sample.
  • Sand Content Kit - consisting of a glass tube, funnel, and mesh sieve, this kit helps determine the volume percent of sand-sized particles in the drilling fluid.
  • pH Paper - used to help determine the chemical characteristics of the drilling fluid.
  • Reagents - contains reagents (many in 8 oz bottles) for chemical analysis of mud/filtrate.

The Frontier Kit is perfect for mud engineers who need complete portability, but also require more accurate viscosity and shear rate measurements than what a hand crank rheometer, found in most other kits, can provide An easy to use kit-sized Full Area Filter Press and large bottles of titrating reagents add to the kit’s usefulness and flexibility.

Size: 20.25" × 13.5" × 8.5" (51 × 34 × 22 cm)
Weight: 48 lb (21.8 kg)

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