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The Permeability Plugging Tester (PPT) is designed to run filtration tests on plugging materials without the interference of particles settling on the filter medium. The PPT uses the same test cell as the standard HTHP Filter Press. However, in the PPT, the cell is inverted with the filter and receiver on top. Several filter media are available, such as ceramic disks, conventional filter paper, and slotted stainless steel disks. The cell is pressurized with hydraulic oil. A floating piston separates the oil from the test fluid to prevent contamination.

OFITE has designed a new cell with safety in mind. This modular design is much safer and more convenient. The two-piece cap is threaded, and cannot be opened while the cell is pressurized. And interchangeable caps make it easy to reconfigure the cell for testing with different filter media (filter paper, ceramic disks, or cement screens) with a single cell body. All cells are provided with pressure certification, unique serialization, and material certification which provides true traceability.


  • Safety: Cell cap cannot be removed if pressure is trapped inside the cell
  • Versatility: Interchangeable cell caps enable testing with filter paper, ceramic disks, and cement screens with the same cell body. Fits all standard heating jackets.
  • Pressure: Ability to add a piston allows for testing up to 10,000 PSI


  • Maximum Temperature: 500°F (260°C)
  • Maximum Pressure (Cell): 10,000 PSI (68.9 MPa)
  • Cell Caps:
    • Inlet: 60 Mesh Screen
    • Outlet: 60 Mesh Screen (for filter paper)
    • Outlet: Scribed (for ceramic disks)

Part Numbers

  • 171-84-10K: 115 Volt
  • 171-84-10K-1: 230 Volt