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BLP-630 Automated Gas Porosimeter

BLP-630 Automated Gas Porosimeter

The BLP 630 Automated Gas Porosimeter was designed to rapidly and accurately measure the eff ective porosity of a core sample. Porosity is defi ned as the percentage of void space within a solid media. Eff ective porosity is the percentage of void space within a solid media in which the pore spaces are interconnected. It is imperative to accurately determine the eff ective porosity of a petroleum reservoir when estimating the total amount of recoverable hydrocarbons within a producing formation. The BLP 630 Automated Gas Porosimeter was designed to precisely measure the eff ective porosity of a core sample.


  • Three separate volumetric gas reservoirs provide 7 possible gas volume combinations to improve eff ective pore space data for a broad range of core sizes and core porosities.
  • Comes with an assortment of volumetric core holder inserts to minimize dead space for greater accuracy
  • Core holder secured and released with ¼ turn by hand for quick and easy core loading
  • Integrated vacuum pump allows evacuation of pore space and porosimeter gas circuits
  • Various gases can be used, including helium, nitrogen and carbon dioxide
  • Calibration is performed with the software to ensure accuracy
  • Pressure relief valves are incorporated into the gas circuits to ensures safe operation
  • Comes with PC and software for automatic or manual control and data acquisition

Method of Operation

A core sample is placed into the air-tight core holder and pressure is applied to a reservoir of known volume. After the pressure has stabilized, a valve is opened, which permits the gas within the reservoir to expand into the core holder. After equilibrium is reached, the new pressure of the system is measured and recorded. The effective porosity of the core specimen may be calculated by the use of Boyle’s Law (P1V1=P2V2) in conjunction with the bulk volume of the sample. The variables V1 and V2 are constants that are dependent upon the geometry of the unit and the effective porosity of the core.


  • Core holder can test cores up to 2" diameter and up to 3" long
  • Comes with adapter kit for 1", 1 ½" and 30mm diameter cores
  • Gas pressure: 200 PSI  maximum testing pressure


  • Gas (helium, nitrogen, etc.): 200 PSI
  • Power: 115 Volt, 7 Amp or 230 Volt, 3 Amp

Part Numbers

  • #127-25: 115 Volt
  • #127-25-1: 230 Volt

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Brand: OFI Testing Equipment, Inc.
Product Code: BLP-630-automated-gas-porosimeter

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