Drilling Fluids

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The Bulk Hardness Tester (#150-87) is designed to evaluate the hardness of shale after exposure to fluids. The hardness of the shale can be related to the inhibitive properties of the fluid being evaluated. Shale that interacted with the fluids will become softer due to the adsorption of water, swelling, and dispersion of fine particles. This rock-fluid interaction can be linked to wellbore stability problems, including reduction in the compressive strength, spalling, or fracturing. In terms of integrity of drill cuttings, excessive softening and stickiness of the pieces of shale can produce mud rings in the annulus, sticking problems in the drilling assembly, and bit balling, among other problems.


  • Evaluates the hardness of shale samples after exposure to fluids
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Includes threaded piston, torque wrench, and Allen key

Part Number

  • #150-87