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The GCTS Rock Abrasiveness Apparatus (RAA-100) is used for measurement of rock abrasiveness under the standards specified by the Cerchar test. The test consists of measuring the wear flat on the standard steel indenter with 200 kg/mm2 hardness loaded with 70 N force, after it has scratched 10 mm distance on the rock surface. The indenter is examined under the microscope and the amount of wear is correlated to the Cerchar Abrasiveness Index (CAI).

RAA-100 features precision slide for smooth movement of the rock specimen over the required scratch distance. It also comes with graduated knob for accurate scratch distance control with 0.01 mm precision. The slide movement is controlled with precision threaded acme rod with 1 mm pitch (1 mm horizontal movement per knob revolution).

Note: Requires microscope to measure wear flat on the steel cone. Sold as an option.


  • Measurement apparatus for determination of rock abrasiveness as specified by the Cerchar test
  • Precision slide for smooth movement with graduated knob for accurate scratch distance control with 0.01 mm precision
  • Includes one hundred (100) sharp steel indenters with hardness of 200 kg/mm2 and 90° cone angle according to the Cerchar test
  • Aluminum mass crosshead with stainless steel linear ball bearings for easy application of required 70 N force
  • Accepts specimens with maximum width of 76 mm (3 in) and 150 mm height (6 in)
  • Rock holding vice with anodized aluminum jaws for firm no-slip grip during the test
  • Optional USB digital microscope and software for automatic abrasiveness measurements
  • Size: 16" × 12" × 12" (41 × 30 × 30 cm)
  • Weight: 44 lb (20 kg)